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Imagine an enjoyable and satisfying career. One with work-life balance. Let’s get started on your journey to reach your career satisfaction goals.  What are you waiting for? You don’t have to travel the journey alone. I’ll be with you every step of the way. Let’s chat over a cup of coffee.

About Career Balance, LLC

We provide high-quality confidential coaching services, utilizing top-notch assessments, and offer a holistic person-centered approach. Whether you have personal/business or individual/group goals, each is viewed from a positive, strengths-based approach. Let us help you reach your goals.

So many people spend their health gaining wealth, and then have to spend their wealth to regain their health. – AJ. Reb Materi

In a world of high-tech, sometimes we simply need to re-connect and focus. Life is short. Enjoy each day – find your career balance!

Dr. Rhonda

Owner, Career Balance, LLC National Board Certified Health and Wellness Coach (NBC-HWC)

Hey There, I’m Rhonda.

What are your goals, dreams, and passions? What problem to you hope to solve in the world? What energizes you? The career journey begins with YOU. Knowing who you are; your strengths, blindspots, personality, observable behaviors, personality, and oh yea what makes you tick – motivators.


NeuroWorks Professional Development Program

Treffert Studios Professional Development Program (PDP) was designed to help neurodivergent young adults learn critical job skills. The PDP Team: Dr. Rhonda Roehrig (Phd), Dr. Jeremy Chapman (MD), Bryan Mischler (LPC), Sara Kaiser (MBA), and Eric Kissinger (BA). SSM Health Treffert Studios’s mission is to help neurodivergent individuals find their passion and express their talents, giving them a voice and platform to share their strengths with the world. In partnership with Moraine Park Technical College, Treffert Studios will utilize The Treffert Approach by helping young adults build off their strengths

Find Out More! Whiteboard Animation | SSM Health Treffert Studios | NeuroWorks Flyer

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Team Building

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Why Career Balance?

Results Driven

A belief in a process that identifies goals and the strategies needed to reach them.

Top Quality

A high quality, confidential, and  client-focused service to meet individual needs.

Time Oriented

A respectful and value-centered approach.  Strive for efficient use of time and maximizing results.

Some Career Balance Love

Rhonda was excellent to work with. Her guidance and knowledge were instrumental in my journey to a new career.



Rhonda helped build my confidence. She guided me through the highs and lows of the process providing support and reining me in when needed. Thanks to Rhonda’s excellent coaching skills and guidance, experience, and expertise, I am working to my fullest potential in a career I love.


Project Management

Rhonda planned and solicited information from the congregation to develop the SWOT Analysis through an online survey, phone calls, and in-person interviews. She planned and facilitated group meetings to identify and refine the key strengths and primary objectives. Throughout the project, she provided the Steering Committee and the Administrative Council with status updates including a monthly one-page summary and supporting documentation.

Rhonda’s skill and expertise were readily apparent throughout the project and were demonstrated through her data collection activities, meeting preparation, and facilitation, listening to and guiding the steering committee, and documenting the results of the project. Rhonda is skilled at welcoming and encouraging all participants to share their ideas/views. Rhonda’s analytical and organizational skills also stood out as she compiled various data collected into meaningful and ready-to-use information.

In addition, Rhonda’s ability to develop interpersonal relationships with congregants throughout the project was exceptional and contributed to the successful outcome.

Pastor Steve DeLano

Mayville UMC